Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Something for Everyone!"
30 Days of WIK15 - Tracey M. Cox

Tracey M. Cox will host a workshop during WIK15:
  • Marketing and Platform: Building Your Name    
    Marketing and Platform Building  can seem overwhelming even to the best of us. There is a website to build and maintain, blogging to be done, social media to interact with, and face-to-face contact that is equally important. Don't forget we still need to squeeze in writing drawing.

    I have learned you can do all this and still have time to hang with the family and get your house in order. *amazing, I know*

    I'll share my secrets at #WIK15 during my Marketing and Platform: Building Your Name workshop. During this session you'll learn what you need to do and continue to do to build a platform that will allow you to market yourself and your books in the future... with little to no money.

    You can find me online (say hello!!!!) with the links below AND don't forget that all important face-to-face contact at the conference. I'm the short one with really puffy, curly hair.  ;)

Tracey M. Cox is a multi-published picture book author who has spent the last few years learning how to separate her name from others on the internet through social media. She shares tips, thoughts, marketing strategies and more on her writing blog, and encourages others to share and ask questions. 


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