Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Southern Breeze Mentorship Program Wants YOU!

You’ve been writing for years. You’ve learned so much from the conferences and workshops you’ve attended. Your critique group says you are right on the cusp of getting published. You just need something . . .

The new Southern Breeze Mentor program might be just the thing to help you get over the hump!

Of course, a mentorship can’t guarantee that your manuscript will land in the right hands at the right time. That would take a magic wand. But months of mentoring by a well-published author can help you polish your words and see your work more clearly.

We have mentors waiting in the wings in most every juvenile genre PLUS grant writing! I would imagine this program would be especially helpful for novelists. It’s difficult for a critique group to provide in- depth feedback on an entire novel, generally hearing only 1-2 chapters per meeting. And the other alternative – hiring a freelance editor for a novel is cost prohibitive.

Our talented pool of mentors includes:

Heather Montgomery, NF and Grant Writing
Vicky Alvear Shecter, Novels and Nonfiction
Susan Nees, Chapter Books
Jodi Wheeler-Toppen, Nonfiction and Magazine
Karen Kurtz, Nonfiction and Grant Writing
Nancy Raines Day, Picture Books
Kami Kinard, MG Novels
Irene Latham, Poetry
Jo S. Kittinger, Picture Books, Fiction or NF

Beyond the fact that these authors are successful in their fields, they also each have a teacher’s heart. They want to invest in the next wave of writers coming up the ranks. That attitude is what makes SCBWI such an amazing organization. We all want children to have the best books possible, whether or not it is you or I that writes it.

Learn more about the Southern Breeze Mentor Program on the website. It’s not too late to apply!!

~Jo S. Kittinger
Mentorship Coordinator