Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Word from Kathleen Bradshaw

What a privilege it has been to serve as Co-Regional Advisor this past year. It’s been like a helicopter ride. From the vantage point of the leadership team, I saw both the work being done within our region and our relationship to SCBWI at the national level. It has been amazing.

I saw a small army of volunteers work to make our semiannual conferences successful, and something wonderful happening beyond that. Breezers throughout our region are stepping out and creating opportunities to grow their craft, share their knowledge, and make connections.

Perhaps it’s the discovery that other creative people experience the same wonder, fear, doubt, and determination that makes us want to grow the friendships we make at SCBWI events. Once we take time away from our attics and ateliers, we enjoy fellowship, we share ideas, and we find inspiration. I hope you will take a moment and discover this for yourself. There are wonderful events coming up in 2015, all organized by volunteers with hearts that care about our craft and about you as a member of Southern Breeze.

SCBWI-sponsored events are listed on the web site. Impromptu meet ups, as well as planned events are posted by all our members on the Southern Breeze listserv, SCBWI Southern Breeze Facebook page, the Southern Breeze PAL Facebook group, and on Twitter.

How would you go about organizing an event in your area? Anyone can plan an informal get-together and use the listserv and social media to announce it. For official Southern Breeze events, you’ll need approval of the Regional Advisors. You might want to contact your Local Liaison to work with them. If you’re not sure who your LL is, check the web site (http://southern-breeze. scbwi.org/about-us/contact-us/) for the person nearest you. If there isn’t someone in your area, perhaps you would consider serving in that role.

Meanwhile, save the dates of March 13-15 for Springmingle and Illustrators’ Day 2015. There are some big changes this year, and it’s going to be great! We have outstanding faculty members for both events and the incomparable Meg Medina for the writer’s intensive. Our book launch will follow the portfolio reception on Friday night and will be open to the public for book signings by all PAL members! All these changes are the results of input and energy from members like you.

While I am no longer serving in the RA role, I plan to stay connected, and continue to look at the big picture of what it means to be a Breezer. I hope that you will, too. - – Kathleen Bradshaw

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