Sunday, February 22, 2015

Southern Breeze is Sprouting!

By Heather L. Montgomery

Heather Montgomery photo by Sonya Sones 

In the Southern Breeze region, members have many opportunities to grow. I came into this organization a rookie and found fertile soil.  I sprouted among a bed of helpful members, then I grew and grew and grew. Not only did I grow in my craft skills, but also in business, networking, and -- most importantly -- confidence! Most of that was thanks to my SB volunteer roles. 

Here's a little secret. . . Early on, I put myself into volunteer roles to force myself out of my little hole. At first I just led a few nature writers' outings. Then, I became a Local Liaison. Next I was Angel Coordinator at a conference. Pretty soon I was the Assistant Regional Advisor (ARA) and sprouting skills all over the place!  Putting myself into those volunteer roles made me interact with others, gave me an excuse to work closely with industry professionals, and provided me an insider's view on this business.  

For over seven years I have been deeply rooted in our region and benefited from the awesome position as the ARA. Now it is time to let other leaders sprout. On March 16th, Sharon Pegram will become your new Southern Breeze ARA. Sharon will do a fabulous job!
Sharon's not the only one who's growing with Southern Breeze this spring. We've got other volunteers in new roles:

  • Paula Puckett     Membership Coordinator
  • Tracey Cox     Webmaster
  • Kevin Springer   Cobb County Local Liaison
  • Monique Fields   Tuscaloosa Local Liaison
Each of these volunteers will be helping Southern Breeze spring forward, but they will also be helping themselves. They will be in close contact with librarians, editors, agents, published illustrators, award-winning authors. They will be growing new leaves, absorbing energy to help their career. 

What about you? Will you dig your roots into the fertile soil of a SB volunteer position? Will you soak in the nutrients offered? If so, contact Claudia Pearson,, and let her know what skills you want to grow.

How will you nudge yourself out into the sunshine to sprout this spring? 

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  1. I wasn't surprised to see you use a wonderful nature metaphor for your volunteering spirit and growth, Heather! :-)

    And yes, it's amazing how we grow when we volunteer, and gosh, I'm so glad you sprouted with us here in Southern Breeze. Thanks, Heather, you've enriched all of us!

  2. Thank you for your hard work and approachable manner, Heather. Best of luck in your continuing pursuits. --Leeann Zouras

  3. Thanks for all you do, Heather! I wish you the very best and hope to see you at Springmingle! :)