Friday, December 30, 2016

#SpringMingle - Portfolio Set Up & Viewing - #SBreeze17

Portfolio Set Up & Viewing

Are you an illustrator wondering how to set up your portfolio? Maybe you would like some new tips to incorporate into what you are already doing? What better way than to learn from a pro! Elizabeth O. Dulemba is a former Illustrator Coordinator for Southern Breeze. Check out what she has to say...

Present Your Portfolio Like a Pro

by Elizabeth O. Dulemba 

     "It seems simple once you know how it’s done, but at some point you do have to actually learn how to correctly prepare and show an illustration portfolio. Despite being used for such different purposes as interviews, presentations, or shows, there are some basic rules most professionals follow.
      First, size matters. Most portfolio shows have limitations of about 17” x 22” (closed). Keep to that size or smaller and you’ll be able to travel easily with your portfolio and use it anywhere..."

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