Tuesday, November 7, 2017

And The Winners Are...

Listen! Do you hear that? It's the sound of Breezers cheering all over our region! And what are they cheering about? Let's check in with Debbie D'Aurelio to find out:

Thank you to all those who entered the 2017 Southern Breeze Writing Contest. It was apparent that everyone worked very hard on their manuscripts and the judges were very complimentary about the quality of work coming out of our region. They also mentioned how hard it was to pick the winners! 

This year’s winners for the 2017 Southern Breeze Writing Contest are (drumroll) . . . 

ILLUSTRATED TEXT - Judged by Karen Grencik from Red Fox Literary

1st place: Speed and Spring: The Story of Forrest Grady (Spec) Towns by Sherri Rivers
2nd place: Bug-Truck Buddies by Heather Montgomery
3rd place: Little Bad Blue by Diane Anton Sherrouse

MIDDLE GRADE - Judged by John Cusick from Folio Literary/Folio Jr.

1st Place: The Pickle Pod Tree by Glenda Slater
2nd Place: The Wildness of Mellie Feye by Candice Conner
3rd Place: Canada or Bust by Colleen Bennett

YOUNG ADULT - Judged by Kelly Van Sant from D4EO Literary

1st place: Last Year at Little Bend High by Joan Broerman
2nd place: Address Unknown by Re Marzullo
3rd place: The Crooked Truth by Kristine Anderson

Everyone is a winner because all entries receive free critiques from the PAL judges. The finalists in each category were sent on to our professional judges and will receive an additional critique from Karen Grencik (IT), John Cusack (MG) or Kelly Van Sant (YA).  These critiques will be returned to you as attachments in an email entitled Critiques from Contest.


And a big cheer for Debbie D'Aurelio, the Southern Breeze Writing Contest Coordinator, for all her hard work. (Pssst! November is the perfect month to start working on your next manuscript for the 2018 Southern Breeze Writing Contest!)

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