Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Did You Hear The One About the Illustration Mentorship?

This year, our Illustration Mentorship SOLD OUT IN ONE DAY! We are very happy to have Maria Middleton (Art Director with Candlewick) on board with us this year.

If you missed it - no worries - there is still so much more! The 2019 Springmingle Brochure will be uploaded soon with wonderful art from within our region (you'll see soon!). In the meantime, here's what you can expect:

Maria Middleton will be discussing the mentorship project so you would benefit from seeing how she interacts with artists and could develop your own artwork to compare with what others did even if you did not register for the mentorship program. Maria will also be conducting a hands-on drawing activity with feedback at her second session.

Lori Nichols will discuss paths to publication and how she pursued her career.

Kevin Lewis (agent/former editor for Disney/Hyperion) will talk about the things art school doesn't teach about the business of art.

And don't forget….. The Liz Conrad Award will be judged by Anne Moore Armstrong with the Bright Agency. This is a great opportunity to have an illustration agent see your work. After all, it's not always winning, but showing up that matters. Submissions for the Liz Conrad Award are open now. 

EARLY REGISTRATION HAS ITS BENEFITS! The first 25 to sign up for ID and elect to participate in the "Quickfire" portfolio review will get feedback on their portfolios from the ID faculty, plus agent Monica Odom. Registering for ID also makes you eligible to book a consultation with an agent and a private portfolio review with a faculty member and to display your portfolio for the Springmingle and Illustrators' Day faculty to see.

Registration for those wanting to participate in the mentorship opened December 1st and has already sold out so the next opportunity to register and book a session with an agent will be when early-bird registration opens  on January 5th.

 See you there!

 The Southern Breeze Conference Team

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