Monday, October 7, 2019

And The Winners Are...

Say hello to Debbie D'Aurelio, the Southern Breeze Writing Contest Coordinator! It takes a lot of work to bring the contest together, from gathering judges, to handling all the entries, to getting the results out to all the members. And speaking of results, here's Debbie with big news!

The 2019 Southern Breeze Writing Contest has come to an end. We had a record number of entries in the Illustrated Text and Middle Grade categories this year. The competition was very tough and the judges across all three categories were very complimentary of the entries. The professional judges emphasized that creative writing and NEW ideas were the key to success! They recommended studying your genre and making sure your manuscripts stand out. 

And the winners are . . . 

Illustrated Text
1st - Secretly Poppy The Finder of Lost Things by Candice Marley Conner
2nd - One Bright Star by Amy Dees
3rd - The Sock Who Lost His Friend by Anne Weaver

Middle Grade
1st - Trex by Christyne Morrell
2nd - Rocket Captain by Randall Bonser
3rd - Maybe This Time by Johnna Stein

Young Adult
1st - Fall to Me by Brenda Posey
2nd - Persistence by Kara Bietz

3rd - Secrets Rise by Lisa Stauffer

BIG congratulations to all our winners! And a big thank you to Debbie D'Aurelio for all her hard work!

For all those who participated, check your inboxes in the next week or so for feedback from the judges. Use your professional critique to polish those manuscripts because even if you didn't win today, you could end up published in the future. And to think that it started with the Southern Breeze Writing Contest!

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