Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gallery of Breezers is Open!

Gallery of Breezers is Open!

We had a great gallery opening last month. The estimate was we had about 200 visitors(!) during to 2 hour event. The artists exhibiting/attending included Prescott Hill, Gregory Christie's mentee, Danielle Glover, Laura Freeman, Sara Cramb, Leighanne Schneider, and Mark Braught. 

Susan Needs had a family emergency, and wasn't able to attend. Melissa Shultz-Jones could not attend either. She sent Prescott an image of her piece. He had it printed and framed it up so she could still have skin in the show.

Joe and Zack were outstanding hosts! Visitors love the art and the food, and there was a lot of interaction our artist and curious visitors.

Joe and Prescott talked briefly about expanding the show opening next year to include more space, a possible connection with the children's book area, and maybe having illo/authors do a reading for kids.

The after party is perhaps the best thing of the night. 

This was the last time Elizabeth would be among us as artist and friends before she headed to VA then to Scotland.

"Something that was particularly bittersweet for her and me." said Prescott. "Gathering at the restaurant was a bonding experience for all of us to share stories, aspirations, and reconnect. I find it personally hard to claim ownership for such a successful event. It was a team effort. I could not pull it off without all the support from you, Joe, and our fabulous illustrators. It was very clear to me, looking at all of those at the table, that I am Papa Bear to them and the training wheels are off. I love my illustrators.

"I'm wondering if we could duplicate this event at a library in the Birmingham area, in conjunction with a larger event/festival? "

Let us know what you think about the event!
Were you able to attend?
Would you like to see something in your area like this?
Do you have any other ideas to help promote authors & illustrators in your area?

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