Monday, June 22, 2015

Have You Sent Yours in Yet?

That's Gladys, looking for inspiration. (Don't laugh--she beat me last year.)
So you read the title of this blog post and thought, what is Cathy talking about now? Because it’s always something with me, I know, but this is a BIG something: the Southern Breeze Writing and Illustration Contest!

Here are the quick need-to-know details:

*The contest is open to Southern Breeze members and the year’s previous conference attendees only.

*Entries are accepted ONLY during the month of June! Technically, till midnight on June 30th Central Time.

*You do not have to be present to win. (Winners are announced at the fall conference.)

*You’ll receive feedback from judges on every entry. (But you may only send in one entry per contest. The writing and illustration contests are separate contests, so if you are a writer and illustrator, you can send in an entry to each contest. Also, the entry must be uncontracted and unpublished. If an entry receives a contract after it’s been sent in for the contest, it’s no longer eligible for the contest. After all, a contract trumps a contest win!)

*If you’re a writer, you’ll want to get more information here. And if you’re an illustrator, check out the prompt and details here. Please follow ALL the directions so your entry qualifies for the contest, and send in your very best work!

If you win First Place in the contest, you’ll receive FREE tuition to the next year’s fall conference! But honestly, everybody’s a winner in these contests. They’re free to enter and you’ll receive valuable feedback on your work, feedback that you can build on to take that entry all the way to publication!

Yep, previous Southern Breeze winners—from 1st Place to Honorable Mentions—have gone on to be published in some of the biggest houses in our children’s industry. Which brings me back to my original question, y’all: Have you sent yours in yet?

~Cathy C. Hall

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