Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Journey: A Long Journey with Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

Author and Illustrator Phyllis Limbacher Tildes’ New Board Book

It took me over twenty years to get that first contract in 1993 for Counting on Calico (released close to my 50th birthday in 1995). And now I am excited to announce my twentieth book for Charlesbridge to be released in May, Baby Animals Day and Night. It features, two diurnal animals (chipmunk and otter) and two nocturnal animals (bobcat and skunk).  It is the third in my series of black and white baby board books. The popular for newborns, Baby Animals Black and White,came out in 1998 and is in its 21st printing and has won awards. Baby Animals Spots and Stripes was released in 2015. I am thrilled that these books are often the very first book an infant will see.  Parents and grandparents have sent me many photos with babies as young as two weeks old, fascinated by my bold black and white images that actually help to create neural connections in newborn brains. Readers are always surprised to see that the last spread in each of these titles shows human babies with toys of the animals presented in full color.

This series came about after the success of one of my earliest books for Charlesbridge, Animals Black and White (1996),which is still in print. It is a nonfiction book for children ages 4-7. They have to guess what animal is mentioned in the text by looking at the bold pattern, then turning the page to see the animal in its habitat. My editor at the time suggested doing a similar book for infants. Having been a graphic designer for many years, I loved creating these strongly patterned books. And I always enjoy researching and writing about wildlife. I have just finished the artwork for two more board books which will be released next January and am beginning the art for another. This time they are in full color.

If you have done the math, you know I am well past middle age. The enthusiasm for this making of books has not waned. I tell anyone wishing to enter this business, it takes talent, persistence, and luck in equal measure. And luckily I have a wonderful critique group here in Savannah that helps me to continue creating books to instill a sense of wonder.
To learn more about my books : www.charlesbridge.com

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  1. These books are fabulous -- I've given them as baby gifts :)
    I'm so happy to hear of your continued success!