Sunday, January 1, 2017

Just for our Illustrators - Liz Conrad Portfolio Scholarship

While Illustrators' Day is not just for illustrators, any picture book author or illustrator would benefit from learning about the interaction of text and image in a picture book, illustrators do have an opportunity that is not available to anyone but illustrators: attending both Illustrators' Day AND Springmingle for FREE and getting a mentorship to boot!!!

But illustrators can't be considered for this wonderful opportunity if they don't APPLY!!! The deadline for the Liz Conrad Portfolio Scholarship is approaching soon, January 15, 2017 to be exact, and if you are serious about being a children's book illustrator, but haven't submitted your application yet, please let me know why. You can email me at  Funniest reason will get a $50 prize to apply to Illustrators' Day tuition!

Possible reasons I can think of:

I just didn't have time over the holidays to get my application together.
     My reply: Make it your first New Year's resolution! Get that work together and get it sent!

My dog/cat tap danced on my computer and I can't scan the work to send it out.
     My reply: As a last resort, maybe you can take a photo of it with your cell phone? But seriously, get that computer fixed asap!!!

I just can't decide what images to send.
     My reply: check the SCBWI Blue Boards for a discussion and advice on what might work, and look at the previous winners to see what they submitted.

"Little Ben" - 2016 Liz Conrad Scholarship winner Narges Jafari

I'm still a student, no one will take my application seriously.
    My reply: SCBWI is all about celebrating both successful careers of our published members and encouraging new talent. Not only does our region offer the Liz Conrad Scholarship, but the international organization has student scholarships for both its winter and summer meetings. Of course we take student work seriously - you are the future of children's books.

I'll never get the scholarship anyway.
     My reply: Absolutely true if you don't apply.

Deadline: January 15, 2017

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