Monday, December 18, 2017


On the second day of wik'18 registration, Southern Breeze gives to you...

Oh, wait. It's actually the fourth day of registration, isn't it? But that's even better, because we're giving you four awesome agents!

Agents who want illustrators, agents who love picture book writers and novelists and poets and more! And agents who can't wait to meet you in the one-on-one sessions!

That's the good news. The bad news is that we don't have enough slots to offer everyone who registers for wik'18 a slot in a one-on-one session. So on this fourth day of registration, take a look at our four awesome agents and sign up today!

There's John Cusik, with Folio, and Erica Silverman at Stimola Literary. Kristy Hunter with Knight Agency will be there, too, along with Claire Easton of Painted Words.

You can find out more at the Southern Breeze website when you register, plus you'll still get that wonderful gift of an early bird $25 discount!

So off you--hold on a minute. What's this in the bottom of my gift sack? It's another gift!

Two lucky winners will get a signed book by one of the wik'18 conference authors!

If you'd like to win, leave a comment on this post and don't forget to include your name. And then once your registration is verified, we'll put your name in the drawing. But you only have till noon on December 22nd. That's when we'll choose two lucky names.

Four awesome agents, an early bird discount, and come back on December 22nd to see if you've won a book from one of our very own amazing authors!

Now off you go! Because you can't win if you don't register--though everyone at wik'18 is a winner!


  1. Terrific opportunities indeed! Can't wait to see everyone there!

  2. Oh boy, a chance to win a book. I'm hooked. Gonna sign up today.

  3. What a fun contest! Im looking forward to attending this conference with some members of my Atlanta area critique group. Tracy Scaglione