Thursday, August 11, 2016

Light Your Imagination at #SBreeze16 WIK with Joyce Sweeney

Light Your Imagination at #SBreeze16 WIK
with Joyce Sweeney

Joyce Sweeney is an awardwinning author, poet and theatrical producer. She is also a writing teacher and mentor .She offers a variety of classes and workshops, live and via Skype  and  her online courses, www. have helped her reach a national audience.  She is a member of Florida SCBWI and serves in their mentorship program.  So far, she has successfully mentored 57 students to traditional publishing contracts.


  • The Path to Publication In my 25 years of mentoring, I have learned that there are not certain writers who ‘have what it takes’, there are just writers who are willing to DO what it takes. The process of traditional publishing is long and arduous and requires a lot of patience, character building and self esteem to work through rejections and near misses. There are steps to making a writer’s dream come true and knowing the steps and being willing to commit to the work or learning craft and navigating the maze of agents and editors can lead to success....eventually. audience: Writers and illustrators, advanced.



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