Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Light Your Imagination at #SBreeze16 WIK with Joan Broerman

Light Your Imagination at #SBreeze16 WIK
with Joan Broerman

Joan Broerman, Southern Breeze RAE and 1998 SCBWI Member of the Year, writes for all ages across the spectrum of newspapers, magazines, and books. She has contributed to more than a dozen books on the craft and business of writing for children. Her project, “Take a Librarian to Lunch” thanks our tireless partners in research. She blogs about children’s books for busy parents, joanbooklog.blogspot.com.


  • Rejecting Rejection   Like characters in your book, rejection is layered, not one dimensional. It plays a vital role in the writing process. Reject what rejection does TO you and make it work FOR you to improve craft and redirect marketing energy. audience: Writers and illustrators, all levels. 



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