Sunday, August 7, 2016

Light Your Imagination at #SBreeze16 WIK with Kami Kinard

Light Your Imagination at #SBreeze16 WIK
with Kami Kinard

Kami Kinard is the author of The Boy Problem (Scholastic, 2014) and The Boy Project (Scholastic, 2012), which was newly released in paperback July 2016 as part of Scholastic’s WISH series. Her poetry, stories, articles, and essays have appeared in numerous periodicals for children and adults. In addition to her professional critiquing services, she is a SCBWI mentor, and often leads writing workshops at conferences and in schools.  www.


  • The Anatomy of Secondary Characters  When writing novels, we spend a lot of time developing our main characters. But secondary characters need our attention too! This session discusses how to develop secondary characters whose talents and characteristics amplify those of main characters and help them reach their goals. Using examples from many best-selling novels, we’ll look at various types of secondary characters, assigning each a part of the body, based on how they assist the main character. (Hermione Granger, for example, is the brain.) audience: Writers, all levels. 



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  1. Kami did a wonderful job coming on to speak at a moment's notice at Springmingle. Looking forward to seeing what she brings this time.

  2. Thanks Dori! I am really looking forward to being there!

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