Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Spring To Success With SpringMingle'19 and MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUES!

Who doesn’t love a critique?

Palms sweating and stomach fluttering with butterflies as you sit down in front of the esteemed editor or agent about to pass judgment on you. Er, I mean your manuscript.

But seriously, a critique from a publishing professional can do so much more for you than feed an adrenaline habit. My first critique taught me to let my character tell her own story. My worst critique left me frustrated and angry…and ready to write the story that was in my heart instead of something I thought people would want to read. At my next critique, the editor wanted to read more of that story. And, yes, I met my agent at a critique.

SpringMingle'19 registration is open, with critique opportunities still available, but manuscripts have to be submitted by February 8. Don’t miss your chance for personalized attention from a publishing professional. Your work will grow, and chances are, you’ll discover that those august sages are nice, knowledgeable people, eager to help you in your artistic journey.

A special thanks to Sharon Pegram, Co-Assistant Regional Advisor for Southern Breeze, who shared this experience with us last year--and we thought it deserved a re-run! Sharon writes sci-fi and fantasy and yep, you'll see her at SM'19 with her latest manuscript critique!


                   Click HERE to register for SpringMingle'19!

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