Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Something for Everyone!" 30 Days of WIK - Informal Critques

"Something for Everyone!"
30 Days of WIK15 - Informal Critiques

Manuscripts in hand, you sit down with a group of your peers. They all write the same genre. They all are as eager as you to improve your manuscript.

WIK15 offers the opportunity for you to do that!

After the conference, you'll have the opportunity to sit with other writers / illustrators and chat about your story (and theirs), where it needs improving, where it is strong, suggestions on the tone.

These informal critique sessions are a great way to meet others in your field. Maybe make a lasting friendship. To learn about your craft and to improve yourself on your way to publication.

Not sure how to critique? 

Here are is one way to look at it. Think of critiquing someone's work like a sandwich. You have bread, filler, and bread.

  • Bread - Start off with something nice and squishy. What you really like about the story or the writing in general.
  • Filler - Get to the meat of what you think. Are there places that can be taken out? Do you see pov shifts? Are there rabbit trails that need to be fixed? Does their work zip and zag in all the right places? How is the plot? Character development?
  • Bread - Finish off by saying something nice again. Let them know you appreciate their hard work and give some encouragement.

See you all in October!

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