Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Something for Everyone!" 30 Days of WIK15 - Kaylan Adair

"Something for Everyone"
30 Days of WIK'15 - Editor Kaylan Adair

Kaylan Adair will host several workshops during WIK'15.
  • Who’s the Boss? The Role of Editor, Author, and Illustrator   w/ Hester Bass & E. B. Lewis
    Learn from the experiences of Candlewick Press editor Kaylan Adair, author Hester Bass, and illustrator E. B. Lewis about the process of successful collaboration that creates rewarding relationships and award-winning books.
    AUDIENCE: Writers and illustrators, all levels. 
  • A Week in the Life of an Editor: Behind the Scenes at Candlewick
    This slideshow follows an editor through a typical week at one of the most successful independent children’s publishers in the world. Discover all that goes into making a book—and learn how to decode “editor speak”!
    AUDIENCE: Writers and illustrators, all levels. 
  • Writing From the Heart: A Look at the MiddleGrade Novel.
  • If there’s one thing that most successful middle-grade novels have in common, it’s heart. What is it about books for this audience that makes for such heartfelt stories? And how can you be sure you’re writing from the heart?
    AUDIENCE: Writers, middle-grade and young adult, all levels.


Kaylan Adair has been an editor at Candlewick Press for the past ten years. Among the authors she’s worked with are Hester Bass, Don Calame, Jennifer Richard Jacobson, Patrick Ness, Todd Strasser, and Steve Watkins. She edits everything from picture books to young adult novels, with a focus on literary middle-grade. She’s looking for stories with strong, original voices, evocative settings, compelling characters, and heart. Lots and lots of heart. 

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