Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Something for Everyone!" Days of WIK15 - Heather Montgomery

"Something for Everyone!"
30 Days of WIK15 - Heather Montgomery

Heather Montgomery will host several workshops during WIK15:
  • Breaking Barriers: New Nonfiction
    Outrageous illustrations, irreverent voices, marginalia – this isn’t your grandma’s fiction! The confining walls of humdrum nonfiction are being chipped away by one boundary-pushing book after another.  In this session, we will examine our own perceptions of what nonfiction content is and how, by pushing the walls out of our way, we can re-imagine where children’s nonfiction can go in the future. Throw off your blinders! You have the opportunity to forge a new path, to write the next break-out book, to set the new standards. Here is your chance to expand your ideas on voice, structure and format -- see where you go by breaking the barriers!
    You will learn: an outside-the-box approach to subject matter, an exercise to stretch your voice, and visual thinking tools.  
  • School Visit Success!
     How can you captivate kids? Please the principal? And teach the teachers? School visits offer opportunities to promote your books, reach a broader audience and generate income. But, in order to be relevant in today’s educational climate, your programs must speak to all three audiences: students, teachers and administration. How can you do that?What steps do you need to take to plan your visit, prepare for your presentation, and execute with style? During this workshop, you will see a sample, discuss issues you have and begin to formulate a plan for your own visits.  You will learn: How to recruit school visits, dig into curriculum standards, and please all three audiences (students, educators, administrators).

Author Heather L. Montgomery uses yuck appeal to engage young minds, inspire reluctant writers, and empower research bliss. Thanks to all she has learned through Southern Breeze SCBWI, Heather has published twelve nonfiction books including WHY DO MY TEETH FALL OUT? (Capstone) and HOW RUDE! REAL BUGS WHO WON'T MIND THEIR MANNERS (Scholastic). Heather has a B.S. in Biology, a M.S. in Environmental Education, and awards for her educational programs. She resides on the Tennessee/Alabama border and is the former Assistant Regional Advisor for Southern Breeze. Learn more at www.HeatherLMontgomery.com.


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