Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Something for Everyone!" 30 Days of WIK15 - Jo Kittinger

"Something for Everyone!"
30 Days of WIK15 - Jo Kittinger

I remember my early days of writing for children. There was so much to learn!

As a potter, I knew all about making ceramics. I knew the qualities that made for good clay, and knew the multiple steps required to go from raw clay to glazed pot. But when I decided to try writing for kids, I was clueless. I knew which books I enjoyed, but I couldn't really tell you why. And I had no idea how to present my writing to publishers.

Through classes, my critique group, and talking with SCBWI members, I gradually grew in my knowledge. With time, perseverance, and lots of polishing of manuscripts I eventually gained publication in a wide variety of genres.

My workshop at wik'15, The Rules of the Game, offers a crash course in foundational information about the world of publishing in the children's market. We will look at the various divisions within the genre of children's literature and talk about what makes them distinctive. I will share some do's and don't's when you submit your manuscripts. From my personal experiences, I will discuss how to approach agents and editors, both in person and through submission pipelines.  A question and answer segment will allow me to address attendees unique concerns.

Whether an individual wants to write poetry, short stories, picture books, nonfiction, novels, magazine articles or illustrate, my hope is that this workshop will prepare first-time attendees with the basic knowledge they need to make the most of the remainder of the conference.

Jo S. Kittinger is an award-winning author of more than 25 books for children, plus numerous items in various books, magazines and newspapers. Her nonfiction picture book, ROSA'S BUS: THE RIDE TO CIVIL RIGHTS received a Crystal Kite award. Her fictional picture book, THE HOUSE ON DIRTY-THIRD STREET, received two prestigious honors: a Christopher Award, which highlights media that "affirms the highest values of the human spirit," and a Social Justice Literature Award from the International Reading Association. Learn more about Jo at:


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